Melrose and Alex meet by chance, bond, and eventually fall in love, but the temptations they run into threaten their lives together. Written by Ninvampirate2011 and illustrated by metalangel123.

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Melanie "Melrose" Harrington

Age: 24

Known as: The Money-Lover

Forced into independence. Finally felt things were going her way after reuiniting with Alex.

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Alexander "Alex" Garde

Age: 18

Known as: The Loyal Boyfriend

A bright, kind socialite who admired his former babysitter.

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James Moreau

Age: 19

Known as: The Heir with Attitude

Won't hesitate to hurt your feelings. Rumored that he gets around.

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Elise Page

Age: 24

Known as: The (Creepy) Smiling Maid

The only person who can get James to behave.

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Emily Hunt

Age: 20

Known as: The Cynical Heiress

Friend of Melrose and crack shot.

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Mark Watson

Age: 35

Known as: The Silent Butler

Emily's servant and driver.